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Alberto Vazquez Actors Workshop

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

1st bi-Annual Showcase

January 15

The Producer’s Club
358 West 44rd Street @ Crown Theater

Produced & Directed by Alberto Vazquez

Performances @ 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Reception after performances at the in house bar

917.286.0466 / 917.331.3850

(eight exciting scenes / seven exciting monologues


Ida Vega: Ida Vega has been dong community theater on and off while
raising a family since the 1980s. She trained with Tina Satin at the
Open Cage Theater in Mt. Vernon, NY and is now training with Alberto
Vazquez. Mr. Vazquez has been training her for a year and a half doing
camera study and scene analysis. She recently performed the Vagina
Monologues at the Greenville Community Theater in Scarsdale, NY and has
auditioned for the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater.
Patrick Tracey: After eight years of being in the industry, which
started off doing some background work, Patrick graduated to being
featured in, Bringing Out The Dead, Oz, Third Watch, Law & Order. He
was a finalist in NBC’s Fear Factor – 100th episode (where he stole the
show). He also made recent appearances in magazines, “D-Mode” and
“August Men”, and since, has auditioned for Independent films, “Friends
for Life” and “Incorporated” which he was cast as Mimms.
Oriana Navarro: Oriana has studied acting at Bellas Artes school in
Santo Domingo for two years. She has performed in three plays at
Bellas Artes and has done numerous commercials. She has studied
modeling and acting at the prestigious Barbizon School. She is
currently studying acting at the Alberto Vazquez Actors Workshop.
Vesellin Todorov: Vesselin Todorov has started to study acting 4 months
ago when he met Alberto Vazquez, but he fell in love with the art in
2003 when by “accident” accepted to be an extra for the movie TROY
(with Brad Pitt). He spent 100 days in Mexican desert learning and
doing stage combats for the movie TROY. When he went back to Bulgaria
he became a member of the stunt team of National Sports Academy. For
the next two years he has done stunts in live shows, commercials and
movies (the last one: The Black Dahlia by Brian De Palma).
Plinio Villablanca: A Bronx native has studied with the Judith
Shakespeare Company and the Pearl Classical Theatre Company. He has
also studied with Gene Frankel for four years and with Salem Ludwig
(Actors Studio) for three years at the HB Studio. Plinio’s theatre
credits include: Othello at LA TEA, Steambath (directed by Gene
Frankel), Miguel Pinero’s The Sun Always Shines for the Cool. Plinio
has also appeared in several independent features: Liberty Kid,
Elevator Weekend and Immaculate Perception. Plinio has also appeared
in various print and television commercials.

Gary Cruz: Gary Cruz studied Acting at gene Frankel Theater Workshop,
The Actors Connection, HB Studios, Tracy Moore Monologues Workshop.
He has performed at The Regina Opera Company, Shakespear In The Park,
Tropicana, Puerto Rican traveling Theater, The Nuyorican Café. Recently
filmed the short film: 9-12 as Peruchin.

Charlie Montoya: Charles Montoya has spent the last 5 years studying
the art of acting at the School for Film and Television. Charles was a
dance choreographer and director for the Latin American Dance Troop at
Colgate University where he would produce a campus wide performance
twice a year. Presently, he is pursuing his love of performance
through acting with Alberto Vazquez. This will be his first live
performance as an actor.

Lorena Jorge: Lorena Jorge is an emerging interdisciplinary artist in
theater and film. She has studied in both Fordham University and
St.John’s Preparatory high school where she received a National
Championship Award within the Forensic League Section of Drama. She has
been featured in Sonny Boy Productions independent short film
“Silence,” and starred in Center City Film and Video’s educational
video. Her theater credits include Fordham University’s A Tribute to
August Wilson, “Ten Cycles of Ten Decades,” where she performed two
lead roles, Thalia Spanish Theater’s Bano de Damas/The Ladies Room and
their most recent play of fall 07′ La Senoritas de Avignon/The Ladies
of Avignon.

Rodney L. Cummins: Rodney L. Cummins: Rodney began his foray into film
& video while studying Film and Television Production at Adelphi
University. Rodney branched off into acting in 2006 and continued his
studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City
where he was trained by acclaimed Theatre Directors Deborah Houston and
Christopher Presley. He has performed in 2 plays at the AADA and has
appeared as an extra in the television Pilot “The Winky Wright Show”
and the Bollywood Feature “Crossroads”.

Karen Contreras: Under construction


1. Curse of the Starving Class by Sam Shepard
Ida Vega / Oriana Navarro

2. The Odd Couple by Neil Simon
Vesellin Todorov / Plinio Villablanca

3. Anna In the Tropics by Nilo Cruz
Charlie Montoya / Lorena Jorge

4. Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang
Oriana Navarro / Gary Cruz

5. Soldier Story by Charles Fuller
Patrick Tracey / Rodney L. Cummins

6. Friends by TV Network
Lorena Jorge / Vesselin Todorov

7. American Buffalo by David Mamet
Plinio Villablanca / Patrick Tracey

8. Collected Stories by Dan Margulies
Karen Contreras / Ida Vega

(monologues between scenes)

1. Karen Contreras

2. Patrick Tracey

3. Ida Vega

4. Charlie Montoya

5. Gary Cruz

6. Rodney L. Cummins

7. Oriana Navarro

Producer & Director

Alberto Vazquez has been an actor for thirty-two years. He has acted
in over twenty films and forty TV shows, numerous commercials and on

He is a screenwriter and has a film being produced in Los Angeles by
Hoboken Films.

Alberto Vazquez directed his short film called “Naked Cards” with Luis
Guzman in L.A.

He has been teaching in New York since 2002. He teaches group and
privately. This is his first showcase with these very talented actors.
(click: bio and credits at the bottom)

Alberto Vazquez Actors Workshop

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

January 17th, 2008
Acting Classes: Group and Private

Class Group: Monday evenings, 7-10PM @ The Producer’s Club, 358 W. 44 St. The Sonnet Theater. Wednesday night class soon to be started. $100 for the first month; $175 monthly thereafter.
Private Classes: On camera and audition technique: Monday thru Saturday with an hourly appointment @ The Prince George Studio, 14 E. 28th St. #616 (between Madison & 5th Ave). Hourly rate is $40.


CONTACT: 917.331.3850 or leave message 917.286.0466

Free Introductory Acting Class with Pro Actor Alberto Vazquez

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

PLACE: The Producer’s Club / 358 West 44th Street / The Sonnet Theater
DATE: Starting June 1st / Any Monday till Labor Day
TIME: 7-10 PM

Exercises, improves, monologue analysis, scene analysis.
(Bring a monologue and have it worked on)

$100 first month after Free Introductory and $175 thereafter.
CONTACT: 917-286–466 / 917 331-3850


Leave name and email / phone when leaving a message.

seeking stage manager; assistant to director; script person

Friday, October 24th, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I have a workshop for young and coming actors who work with me on SHOWCASES that connect actors and managers.  I am planning a new SHOWCASE at The Wing Theater (Greenwich Village) for February 3-4th.  I am looking for two young actors (male or female) who can help me with stage managing the show and being a personal assistant during rehearsal which start January 5th till February 4th.  I will work out free lessons in acting for the work.  Please have anyone contact me about this.

I teach out of The Producer’s Club / 358 West 44th Street (Sonnet Theater)  Monday’s 8-11 PM and Where Eagles Dare / 347 West 36th St. 13th floor / Tuesday’s 7-11 PM.  I can offer one of these two classes in exchange for the work I need.  They will learn a great deal about production, acting and performing.

You can check my website for bio and credits:


Cell: 917 331 3850


Alberto Vazquez

Albizu Campos Staged Reading

Friday, May 16th, 2008

The Last Revolutionary: Don Pedro Albizu Campos by Alberto Vazquez

I’d like to invite you to a stage reading June 2nd @ 7PM.  It is at The Producer’s Club: 358 W. 44 St. / Crown Theater.  Check attachment.

I have written an political drama epic with music and dance that is based on a true event. I think you will find it both a remarkably conceived and extremely timely theater project.

Don Pedro Albizu Campos was the brilliant Harvard graduate from Puerto Rico.  In the 1920’s he began his quest to free Puerto Rico from colonialism.  He dedicated his life struggling against America’s hold on the island.  After years of incarceration and radiation torture, he succumbed in 1965, but his iconic personality lives as an inspiration for Latinos alike.

Francisco Rivela
Denia Brache
Edouardo DeSoto
Arlen Dean Snyder
Bob Lavelle
Rosie Berrido
Oriana Navarro
Gary Cruz
Carlos Jimenez
Beatriz Quinones

RSVP: 917.286.0466

ACTORS: Audition for new Theater Company “Catharsis”

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Alberto Vazquez has established a production company named “Catharsis.” We are seeking actors (ages: 20-30) to audition.  We are choosing twenty actors who have creative ideas to develop short (20 minutes) film and video; one man/one woman and full length theater projects. Auditions will be Sunday, April 6th from 11 AM till
7 PM at Shetler Studios.  Please contact:  917.286.0466 and leave your name and number.  Email your audition interest and leave your name and phone number at:  /Audition times are 11-7 PM (2:00 – 2:30 PM  break). A three minute monologue will be required: comic, classic, or dramatic. Yearly membership  to the production company will be $175 upon acceptance.

Alberto Vazquez Actors Workshop

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Acting Classes: Group and Private

Class Group: Monday evenings, 7-10PM @ The Producer’s Club, 358 W. 44 St. The Sonnet Theater. Wednesday night class soon to be started. $100 for the first month; $175 monthly thereafter.
Private Classes: On camera and audition technique: Monday thru Saturday with an hourly appointment @ The Prince George Studio, 14 E. 28th St. #616 (between Madison & 5th Ave). Hourly rate is $40.


CONTACT: 917.331.3850 or leave message 917.286.0466