ACTORS: Audition for new Theater Company “Catharsis”

Alberto Vazquez has established a production company named “Catharsis.” We are seeking actors (ages: 20-30) to audition.  We are choosing twenty actors who have creative ideas to develop short (20 minutes) film and video; one man/one woman and full length theater projects. Auditions will be Sunday, April 6th from 11 AM till
7 PM at Shetler Studios.  Please contact:  917.286.0466 and leave your name and number.  Email your audition interest and leave your name and phone number at:  /Audition times are 11-7 PM (2:00 – 2:30 PM  break). A three minute monologue will be required: comic, classic, or dramatic. Yearly membership  to the production company will be $175 upon acceptance.

About latinoman

Alberto Vazquez teaches acting for stage, TV and film. He has been an actor for thirty-two years and was most recently seen in Michael Clayton the film opposite George Clooney in several scenes. He currently starred in the new pilot called Rosa's Shoes for the educational channel.

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