Patricia Villalobos Echeverria’s AGUASMALAS (BLACKWATERS) at MediaNoche

November 22 – December 14, 2008


Multichannel video projections onto parasitic, bomb-like sculptures activate MediaNoche’s architecture. Images of mass rallies and marching soldiers are juxtaposed to a man’s body, floating in dark, indeterminate waters. The sculptures act as bodies themselves, simultaneously inhabiting the physical space of the gallery and the projections of the sea, a dark field of liquid that alludes to contamination or oil. It should be noted that the English translation of Aguasmalas also references the private military company Blackwater, contracted by the US government to provide security services in Iraq.

MediaNoche Gallery
1355 Park Avenue, Corner Store at 102nd Street
New York City

Gallery hours: Thurs – Sat, 3PM – 7PM

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