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“The Familia” A Latino mob story

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

“The Familia” at the New York International Film/Video Festival

Thursday’s closing…July 26 at 8pm $12

Cinema East

181    Second avenue  12 Th street..New York City

The Familia a Latin Mob short

Directed by Juan Shamsul Alam and Emilio Rosa

Written by Emilio Rosa and Juan Shamsul Alam


Synopsis: Don Pedro moves up in ranks in the Latino mob,

                One obstacle in his way the head of the Italian mob

                Don Paladino and his family…

Starring Emilio Rosa, Santo Alam, Sal  Serrazia, Angelino Rodriguez,Noel Torres,

Angel Caban, Bartolo Raffriele, Eddie Rivera, Aniba  Llears and Hilda Garay                     


Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Village East Film Festival

Written by Emilio Rosa and Juan Shamsul Alam
Starring Tito Puente Jr., Cris Rosa and Santo Alam

September 24, 6pm

Village East Cinema
181 Second avenue and 12th Street


Monday, October 26th, 2009


Fuego a play by playwright Juan Shamsul Alam will be presented along with EXTREMES at LA TEA theatre…..

Fuego is the story of a family trying to put all the loose ends together by dealing with a son who is Bipolar and radical.

EXTREMES, is the story of a married couple who after so many years together live a contrast life.. Alam is a brilliant playwright who always delivers the massage and you leave the theater entertained..

Said the News…..
Ana Reynoso a rising Star from Santo Domingo is Fantastic in both plays And so is Angel Caban, Boricua actor in the roles of Fuego and Fred in Extremes…

Look out for Juan Shamsul’s Alam’s films on once upon a time en el barrio, The Familia and The Sunshines on the other side of the street with Tito Puente Jr, Santo Alam and Cris Rosa

A Casting Notice!!!!!

Friday, January 30th, 2009

From: “The Familia”
Date: Jan 29, 2009 10:41 PM
Casting Notice: Open call for: Taino Rosa Productions.

(For February 7, Saturday…12-5)

We will be casting many roles for the feature film “The Familia” (The Rise of Don Pedro). A Latino Mob/Love Story, starring Emilio Rosa , Tito Puente Jr., Santo Alam and many others .Open call for all types, especially Latino’s/Italian’s. Written and Directed by Emilio Rosa, Juan Shamsul Alam. Executive Producer, Marty Gross. Union/Non Union film to be filmed on Long Island must be willing to work for deferred payment. Those who have worked with us in the past, do not need to come down, we have you on file already. Must be available in May, for three weeks.

The Familia has already created a buzz for itself with a preliminary film trailer made to gage general interest level. This trailer started in New York City and has garnered inquiries from as far north as Canada and as far south as Columbia, South America. This pre-advertising has set the slate for a successful debut and international demand. In addition to the word of mouth already created by the trailer, the movie will be promoted on multiple Latino websites, radio and TV interviews. This film needs to be made because of the demand for Latino product and will be the first in the same caliber as “Scarface” The Godfather” with a real Puerto Rican flavor.

Males 18-60′s

Females 18-60’s

Bring pictures and resume

Call time is 12:00 sharp till 5:00 pm, February 7th (Saturday)

La Tea Theater

107 Suffolk Street

2nd floor.

New York, NY 10002


Take F train to Essex Street,

Walk to Suffolk

Village East Film Festival September 24

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Village East Film Festival

 The Sunshines on the other side of the street


September 24 th 2008 at 181 Second avenue and 12 th Street   6 pm

written by Emilio Rosa and Juan Shamsul Alam ,

diected by Emilio Rosa 

Starring Tito Puente Jr., Cris Rosa y  Santo Alam..

Long Island film festival (7/2008)

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Long Island

International Film



 Screening Schedule

                                      Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Film Festival Warm Up

9:00 pm

The Sun Shines on the Other Side of the Street – 29 Minutes

Directed By

Emilio Rosa 


Written by

Emilio Rosa and Juan Shamsul Alam


Starring Tito Puente Jr,, Santo Alam and  Cris Rosa



J.J. Johnson, Noel Torres, Donna Rosa and China



Bellmore Movies .| 222 Pettit Avenue .|.  

Bellmore, NY 11710 .|. Phone: (516) 783-3199

come out and support,pass the word. It’s a



“The SunShines on the other side of the street”

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

A film by Emilio Rosa Y Juan shamsul Alam…starring Tito Puente Jr.,

Santo Alam and Cris Rosa. the film will be in the film festivals for 2008. So look for it…It is a very deep film….that deals with gentrification, homeless issue and the war.

check the trailer at or


Film Festival July 21 and 24

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Juan Shamsul

New York Screenings
Village East Cinemas
181 2nd Ave at 12th St.
New York City
You can order tickets ($12.00) at

This Brother has two films in this festival. 

“Once Upon a Time En El Barrio” (37 minutes)
Saturday, July 21 @ 4:00 pm
Director and Writer Juan Shamsul Alam
Genre Documentary
The story revolves around Lolita Lebron, A Nationalist Puerto Rican who with five men went to Washington DC. And shot up the house of congress in March of 1954.
Actors: Angel Caban, Ana Reynos and Emilio Rosa.
Co-Stars: Anibal O’lleras, Angel Ramirez Jr., Santo Alam, Dania Brache, Eddie Rivera and Angelino Rodriguez

“Purple Paradise” (78 minutes)
Tuesday, July 24 @ 4:00 pm.
Genre Drama/Mystery
Writer Juan Shamsul Alam/R. Bobby Persad
A Man escapes from Prison and ends up in a bar with strange characters. Out of Hell.
Starring Ron Randle, R. Bobby Persad, Carolyn Demares and Santo Alam as Poncho.

We urge the community to come out and support these films.  Palante Juan Shamsul !!!!!