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An Evening of Readings in Honor of the Reverend Pedro Pietri

An Evening of Readings in Honor of the Reverend Pedro Pietri
Thursday, March 30, 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Admission: Free
 El Museo del Barrio
1230 Fifth Avenue at 104th Street, NYC - 10029
t: 212.831.7272  f: 212.831.7927
e: info@elmuseo.org
 Join us for an evening of readings celebrating the work of El Reverendo Pedro Pietri, 
including readings of the *The Spanglish National Anthem*, the *Telephone Booth* poems, 
and an audience-participation choral rendition of *The Puerto Rican Obituary*

Organized and hosted by poets Mariposa and Jesus Papoleto Meléndez, the evening 
will feature performances and reminiscences by poets who worked closely with Pietri during
his lifetime, including Amina Baraka, Sandra Maria Esteves, Nancy Mercado, 
REO (Rodrigo Ernie Ortiz) III and Louis Reyes Rivera. 

Collection of Pedro Pietri’s papers at Centro

Pedro Pietri

Come to the unveiling of

Reverend Pedro Pietri Life Time Work!

At Hunter College School of Social Work
129 East 79 Street Lexington Ave.

March 23, Friday at 6:30

El Cento de Estudio in Hunter College will be housing
Pedro Pietri Collection,
which will now be open to the public.
There will be Poetry, Video, Food and music.

All Free!

In Honor of El Reverendo Pedro Pietri’s Life Time Works

El Puerto Rican Embassy at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe!

Calling all in and out of focus Nuyoricans
of El Spirit Republic de Puerto Rico
to stand up for Las Guaranteed (protected by International Law)
Self Expression and Self Determination Rights.


Hosted by Mariposa & ADAL

Come and Untrain the Programmed Daze…

Performances by Tato Laviera, Sheila Candelario, Jesus Papoleto Melendez,
Ricardo Leon Pen~a Villa, Prisionera, Adal, DJ Mellow G, Mariposa w/ Frank
Perez… musical peformance by Indigo, Pucho y Guillito and live action art
by Miguel Luciano.

Saturaday, February 9, 2008
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 Pedro Pietri Way (E. 3rd bet. Ave. B & C)
Loisaida Village, NuYol

$10 to leave the premises (Proceeds
to benefit The Hostos Grand Jury Resistance Campaign)

“…To be free means to be creative. To be creative means to
defend your dreams….” –
Rev. Pedro Pietri/Co-founder El Puerto Rican Embassy

A Rose in Spanish Harlem

A Rose in Spanish Harlem
Three Characters in One:
East Harlem – Spanish Harlem – El Barrio
© By Alberto O. Cappas

There is a Rose in Spanish Harlem
Hiding in exile until it becomes all clear
A community
Divided unto itself by itself with itself
While other cultures make themselves at home
We stay inside
Like Lobsters in a barrow
Managed by a social service over-dosed mindset
Cultural Centers keeping Boricua in the past
Preaching a strategy of outdated liberated emotions
Perpetuated by poets with words that erase
Possibilities of moving a new generation forward
Colonial chains still in full operation
A living electronic field of rappers and poets
Adding confusion to the meaning
A community consuming, not providing
Electing misguided egos into public policy positions
Cementing the fate with physical evidence:
Babies coming from babies
The young echoing the “N” word as a daily sweet diet
Tattoos carved on human bodies transformed into walking billboards
And slacks placed below the waist line as something very cool

As the poet
Pedro Pietri said,
It is time to visit
“Sister Lopez” again
“The number one healer”
And pray that the spirits
Would heal and guide us out of
Ignorance and bondage
Giving us the wisdom to build
A new Spanish Harlem
And Liberate the Rose

Rise Puerto Ricans
Rise Puerto Ricans