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Seeking Actors for Bronx 3M

Bronx 3M is accepting submissions for roles in this new film written/directed by Judith Escalona. Bronx 3M is the story of three Latino youth growing up in a city going up in flames. Shooting to begin in October. Please read descriptions below and submit your headshot and resume accordingly. We will contact you if we are interested in you auditioning. If you are contacted, you must have at least ONE monologue prepared. Deferred payment. Thank you. Here are some of the roles:

MONA – Lead Role. Latina 17 years old. Sassy, stylish, loyal best friend. Vulnerable with a deep secret. Actress must be petite, feminine.

ANNA – Support. Latina 17 years old. Caught up in drugs. Actress must pull off a “tecata” look – skinny, strung out look


ZUNI, CARMEN and INDIA – Support. Any race. 20-40, Lesbian, Confident. mature opinionated. Actors must stradle the line of Butch/Feminine.

EXTRAS – Actors to play teenagers in group scenes. Adults to play other roles.

YOUNG MICHAEL — Little boy 7-9 years old