Juan Shamsul’s Film “Once Upon A Time”

Juan Shamsul Filmmaker/Director Juan Shamsul Alam’s Film “Once Upon A Time” To be screened December 15, 9:15 pm at the Tribeca screening theater 375 Greenwhich st.. The story revolves around Lolita Lebron, and the repercussion after, on a Puerto Rican community, especially on The Campos Family from 107 th. Street. You will, laugh, anger, and cry. Free to the public. Must make reservations. Email alam778@hotmal.com┬áseating is limited.

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3 thoughts on “Juan Shamsul’s Film “Once Upon A Time”

  1. Demn, Juan, you’re the best, I’am very proud of you, keep up the good work, that you’re very close to make it up there. Pease. Anibal O. Lleras

  2. Shamsul..Every Puerto Rican or every Latino should see this film.
    Once Upon a Time en el Barrio, just blew me away..It brought back memories of that time. It’s a great story BRAVO!!!!!!!!! You are a Genius,
    a true writer. Palante!!!

  3. I saw the trailer on Youtube.com
    Very powerful..The rainbow of Puerto Rican people is what i
    loved as well, you have white,black,brown in this film. It’s so true to life.
    Your dialogue is so crispt….I am a fan of your work. Good luck God Bless
    Jackie Romero

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