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Dear Friends in Solidarity with Peace and Justice on Vieques:

Warm greetings from the Peace and Justice Camp, headquarters of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques (CRDV) and Radio Vieques.

Radio Vieques is dedicated to the continuing struggle for justice and peace on Vieques: for decontamination, health services for our people who suffer from military toxics; return of our lands still in the hands of the US Federal Government; for a development in hands of our people instead of the powerful economic and political interests that displace our families.

This week we’ll have a very interesting conversation with distinguished Vieques writer, Carmelo Rodríguez Torres (Veinte siglos después del homicidio, Cinco cuentos negros, Vieques es más dulce que la sangre) about his current literary projects related to the struggles of Vieques.

Myrna Pagán (CRDV Health Commission) and Millito García (Milivy Foundation) will speak on the horrible conditions and the lack of health services in Vieques and the ‘epidemic’ of cancer that attacks our families.

Our collaborator, Ismael Guadalupe, will bring us news on the mobilization in the Santa María sector (Vieques) in defense of its beaches.

On the Youth Focus segment, Josué Cruz and Carmiann Céspedes will discuss topics that affect our youth community of Vieques. We’ll have a Momento of Vieques History, news and info. on upcoming activities.

Representatives of the group, Alliance for Ceiba’s Development, will talk by phone about the situation there as part of our process of regionalizing the demands for community/democratic development.

Radio Vieques transmits live from the Peace and Justice Camp (CRDV), at 3PM on Radio Puerto Rico 740 am, also on the internet

For more information or to participate in the program, please contact us at: 787 741-0716; 787 375-0525;; skype: rrabin1.

This educational project of community dissemination and mobilization is very costly. Any economic help will be greatly appreciated. Cheques may be sent in the name of the CRDV or deposited directly in our account in the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico : # 112 868231

Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques

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