Serrano Denounces Vote Stripping of Territories, D.C. by House Republicans

January 5, 2011 –Washington, DC – Congressman José E. Serrano today announced his strong disapproval of the decision by House Republicans to take away the territorial and D.C. delegates’ right to vote on the House floor. Along with the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, delegates from D.C., Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands will not be allowed to vote in the Committee of the Whole, a right the Democrats gave them four years ago.

“This is a shameful step backwards that House Republicans took today, and it is a slap in the face of the millions of citizens and people living under the U.S. flag in these territories. They have had the ability to have their voices heard in the U.S. House of Representatives for only four short years, and there is no excuse for taking that right away from these duly elected leaders.

“I have spent much of my career here in Washington seeking equality for those living in the territories. Had my parents not left Puerto Rico, I would certainly have been in the situation that these people find themselves in through no choice or fault of their own. I have worked to give them dignity and a say in matters that affect them. House Republicans have taken away civil liberties through their decision and I find it outrageous.

“On behalf of the millions living under the American flag in D.C. and the territories, I call on Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans to reconsider this terrible decision and restore their voice in the House of Representatives.”


Congressman José E. Serrano has represented the Bronx in Congress since 1990.

5 thoughts on “Serrano Denounces Vote Stripping of Territories, D.C. by House Republicans

  1. The Puerto Rican representative just had a vote on the commitee’s not on the floor of the house. He must raise his voice along with the Governor of Puerto Rico and the people on the Island to restore the vote they did have. This just shows that the Commonwealth status maintains Puerto Rico in an unfair relationship with the U.S. We must decide once and for all if we want equal representation as a State of the Union or be and independent Republic. The Commonwealth status maintains Puerto Rico as a territory. This vote may be the best thing in the long run since the people of Puerto Rico will have to decide which final status they want to choose.

  2. Puerto Ricans must end the unjust and criminal colonial relationship and proclaim their independence. Anything short of that is a vote in favor of continuing this exploitive and disfunctional situation. How can a country of 4 million people be considered a possesion that belongs to another country that can do with it whatever it wants? Most people would define that as a form of modern day slavery, I am sure that an independent Puerto Rico could then sign a treaty that would be mutually beneficial. The Republican party is doing what some Puerto Ricans don’t have the courage to do, and that is end colonialism!
    Franklin Collazo, Kinder teacher
    Viva Puerto Rico libre! Viva Don Pedro Albizu Campos!

  3. Puerto Rico and the Governor need to make their voices heard on this one, the vote needs to be gotten back. It is a kind of colonialism really, Puerot Rico is a country, not just a place where Americans go on holiday.

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