Study Acting with A Pro

Alberto Vazquez is offering for the month of January, a free audit of his class that involves Lee Starsberg, Sanford Meisner and Eric Morris techniques. A free audit (with no participation: just observing); or with participation $15 dollars. Thereafter, the first registration fee for the month will be $100 dollars. After that discount month, the classes are $200 monthly.

This first class will be on Monday, January 3rd / but the regular schedule of classes are Tuesday’s starting January, 11, 18, 25th and continuous after January. Audits will be for the month of January!

Alberto Vazquez does an hour long series of warm-up exercises, then improves, then followed by script analysis, scene analysis, monologue study, moment-to-moment work,aidition technique and much more…

For appointment for audit, call: 917-331-3850
Check website for bio and credits at:

About latinoman

Alberto Vazquez teaches acting for stage, TV and film. He has been an actor for thirty-two years and was most recently seen in Michael Clayton the film opposite George Clooney in several scenes. He currently starred in the new pilot called Rosa's Shoes for the educational channel.

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