With massive movements of peoples, economies, communications and imaginations across the globe, many new questions arise about the meaning of art in the Americas. The conference Latino Art Now! seeks to understand the aesthetics of Latino art and how it is assessed and valued within a global context. The meaning of valuation entails multiple considerations, including shared community values, value in the museum world and value in the art market at large.

Conference Panels:

Latino Art from its Production to Consumption; The Dissemination, Publication and Archiving of Latino Art: Print and Media; The Origins and New Horizons of Migration, Diaspora and Exile; Intersections: US Latina/o Art and Artists and Latin American and US Contemporary Art; Cultural Brokers, Curators and New Venues; Markets: Collecting and Collections.

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  1. I think there should be the equivalent of a Latino DOKUMENTA which is a major art fair held every five years in Kasel, Germany– covering the currents of artistic production for that period. More on this later.

  2. I am very happy that this event took place. There is never enough focus on Latina/o art production. It was wonderful to actually see and hear the people who have authored the writings I have read.

    I am aware there were time constraints, still, it would have been more interesting and fruitful if there had been more audience participation. I had several questions and comments that I never got the chance to make.

    That said, I hope events like these continue to be offered to the public-we need to remind ourselves every now and then just how much we have contributed to cultural history.
    Thank you

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