“Once Upon A Time En El Barrio”

If you haven’t seen this film about the struggle of a Puerto Rican family in 1954, here is a chance to see it..You will really enjoy this film. Because it is positive and it truely deals with the issues of Today…Example, the young Man shot and killed in east Harlem Jayson “Jay Tirado, where are our people to protest this, Where is Al? You know who. When Latino Blood is shed.  That we should protest, the cop is walking around free! This movie deals with the abuse upon a Puerto Rican Family by Cops, in 1954, and the the struggles of Lolita Lebron.

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One thought on ““Once Upon A Time En El Barrio”

  1. I tell you this. The romantic, sentimental perspective about the history of Puerto Rico has to stop. It has to be portrayed with credibility and seriousness. No by patriotic, cultural interest only. Most people do not care about it. Therefore telling a well written story no matter what the subject is will attract viewers.
    This movie fails in the following departments: no winter clothing even though it is cold, poor camera maneuvering/shots, stiff amateurish acting, lame dialogs.
    This movie is a bad or worse than the pathetic Rosie Perez, “Boricua pa que tu lo sepas”. We do not need self appointed Puerto Rico history tellers/jesters without the polished skills to create a product that can be appreciated as a whole and not just goodie goodie intentions of keeping
    alive something already dead for the last forty years.

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