3 thoughts on “The National Puerto Rican Day Parade: This year compared to the past.

  1. TV Coverage and Dr. Matos’ contribution
    This year’s commentary on Channel 4, NBC, is superior to any prior. I used to wince at the lack of knowledge evident in the past and all the missed opportunities to state the facts as they should be. Kudos to Dr. Matos for really imparting much needed information! The Parade Organizer are finally getting on track!

  2. The Puero Rican Parade in recent is exactly what it says, a parade. In the past (70, early 80s) it was a cultural event.

    In those days, you would go into the park itself, hear folkloric music, poetry by known & unknown poets, enjoy typical Puerto Rican and other Latino foods, dance to the music of percussion jam sessions…mill around. Whether you found your way to the parade itself was irrelevant. The entire expanse of 5th Avenue and the interior of Central Park made up the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

    Perhaps because of the utter success of the parade, the numbers grew to massive heights. Perhaps that is why ‘crowd management’ techniques became necessary. Maybe. Maybe not. Unfortunately, crowd management means ‘barricades’ Barricades limit spaces & corral people — like cattle. Gradually, the park was put more & more off limits. Now you cannot even walk through the park to get to 5th Avenue to see the parade. Forget about cultura events.

    Of course, its a relative life & a phrase like ‘it aint what it used to be’ sounds facile. But its true. The Puerto Rican Day Parade is today a demonstration of how our population has grown in the region, not about what we have to offer. A float doesnt tel me too much — even if the girls are pretty & the musicians good. In Those Days, the Puerto Rican Day Parade was an interactive experience where you could feel the the people & their culture, eat the food, dance to the music, hear the poets. Today, its like a spectator sport.

  3. Please help me get more info on the next parade so i can attend. Her in Reno there nothing of my culture, I hate it!!! However i have been able to find alot in other states about my culture. I miss my island so much i need a constant connection to keep it alive and feed it to my son Hiram Lopez 3 years old. Thank You so much for taking the time to allow me to submit a comment.

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