6 thoughts on “What do you think of the exhibition “El Barrio: Puerto Rican New York”, currently at the Museum of the City of New York?

  1. “El Barrio: Puerto Rican New York”
    I am thrilled to have been able to wintess so many historical photographs up close and personal – and to have had the opportunity to attend the related performances and discussion panels organized by the Museum (and El Centro) in conjunction with the exhibit. I think el Museo should do something similar – perhaps an exhibit about its own history (and migration) in el Barrio?

    I think the exhibit is in general great. The level of photography is exceptional.

    There was however too much emphasis on the Young Lords. (More than half of the photographs) I think it depicts Puerto Ricans as too militant and by the sheer number of photos says that that was all el Barrio was about at that time…which is probably not true. In fact many of those photos were taken outside of el Barrio…like Columbia U. Not that el Barrio is purely an emodiment of place.

    Also the area where there is a sort of chronological timeline was OK…there was a lot of info to ingest there. But i was deeply disappointed by Centro’s lack of placing a key date in the timeline: 1897!!! When PR was invaded by US! I mean that should have been there even if it had to be corrected politically.

    Shame on Centro for omitting a poignant fact.

  3. El Barrio Puerto Rican
    “GREAT” exhibition. I really enjoyed it.
    It really brings out the life and times
    of the Barrio then but not now.

  4. Depressing
    The exhibition was ver y depressing. So many fabulous Puerto Rican Photgraphers, and only one photographer showing same old photos..

  5. Embarassing
    I expected much more from the Center for Puerto Rican Studies. I will not be sending any of my colleagues to it. It is just not a quality exhibition and reinforces a negative, cheap sense of ourselves.
    I don’t mean the content, although, it lacks curatorial cohesion — historical and artistic. I’m really talking about the display. It has the look of a public school bulletin board. Too bad. I’m really disappointed this was allowed to go through by the Centro and that the Museum of the City of New York went along with it.

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