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  1. What do you think of the elections in Puerto Rico
    The elections in Puerto rico have allways been and continue to be a battle to see who will control the big welfare check of 17 billion $ the american government funnels to Puerto to buy our silence in maintaining the status quo of the colony.

  2. RE: What do you think of the elections in Puerto Rico
    Why welfare check? And why is Uncle Sam buying our silence? Is it so bad in Puerto Rico today? I think Rosello should bow out gracefully. But predictably, he can’t accept his defeat. He really believed the people wanted him back! Delusion and cynicism rule Puerto Rico today. The country’s in a colonial cul de sac with or without Rosello and there’s really nothing either candidate can do about it but prolong the agony. Maybe a different kind of third party is possible. PIP seems not to be effective as a truly alternative vision to either PPD or PNP.

  3. What do you think about the elections in Puerto Ri
    Every Puerto Rican here and there always have a traditional habit of putting there two cents in everything but as we can see all talk but no action therefore results into a unproductive kind of people. I believe the only parties who are and always believe in a Puerto Rico of progession has been the PNP and the PIP. Both understand that we must decide our political future if not we will remain with a second class Citizenship. As for the election, the popular party is another Latin American like party who has always control and manipulate the country. I think I stay in the USA with my first class citizenship.

  4. First class mumbo jumbo — PNP Strategy
    PIP has lost its electorate footing. PNP is using whatever legal and extralegal machination it can to stall the election results with the understanding that anything it does to avoid conceding the election will hurt the PPD– that is, challenging the colonial structure at its root — the U.S. imposed “free election” — which justifies its hegemony in Puerto Rico and elsewhere. PNP’s attack of the gubernatorial election strikes at the heart of the Free Associated State. The electoral process is our peculiar institution–our democratic anomaly or contradiction. It is the symptom of our oppression.

    More on this later. The PNP strategy may backfire though. How will the court’s settle this. The judiciary, next to the military, has always been the clearest manifestation of colonial subjugation. Outlaws who gain the stature of heroes clearly indicate this. They are outlaws or whose law? Puerto Rico’s highest court is a U.S. Federal District Court that can overturn any lower courts decision — “lower” courts being Puerto Rican.

    More on this later.

  5. RE: RE: What do you think of the elections in Puerto Rico
    Things are indeed bad in Puerto Rico. The high standard of living argument pales in comparison to the moral decay and lawless behaviour the persuit of the mighty $ has brought to the Island psyquic. Good or bad the electoral voting system in place has historically counted “el voto mixto” Robe-Yo in 1988 used it to win, why is he now contesting it? I tell you why, He wants to continue stealing . You give him too much credit by saying “he really believed the people wanted him back”. He did what most modern politicians do, he spent a lot of money and manipulated his way into a tight race, including shamelessly going on television and calling himself a born again catolico/protestante. he was looking north and saying to himself, self; if Bush stole it I can steal it too.

  6. Puerto Rico Now
    The Puerto Rico general elections of 2004 was a joke, because the PNP made it so. The “votos mixtos”or “pivasos” are and have been for decades LEGAL. Also, the Federal courts on the island should not have had any say in LOCAL elections, as the Boston Cirtcuit Court justly ruled. Also, Rosselló is a big, fat, sore loser. He says he doesn’t want a “cogobierno,” that it’s only a PNP government. Yeah, the PPD’s Aníbal Acevedo Vilá won fair-and-square with over 3,200 votes. Yes, the PNP controls the Congress, most Alcaldías, and the Resident Commisonership, but the Executive is P-O-P-U-L-A-R! and will be for four years. As we all know, the Executive in PR rules like a Latin American cuadillo, so it will the PPD program that will be on the tables of the island’s social, political, and economic reality.

    If you all like discussing and/or reading about contemporary PR issues, go to http://WWW.MELONES.ORG

  7. Go to the first Centrotalk in PRdream
    There’s a discussion of melones and governance in Puerto Rico compared to the ole USA. Excellent excerpts and you’ll get insight into this election by comparing it to the last one.

    I had made comments on this topic that were posted.

    Now they are not. What happened to them.

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