3 thoughts on “If Pataki and Bush support Latino issues, should Latinos, who are mostly Democrats, support them?

  1. Yes! Pataki has my vote if he defends Vieques
    Why would we want to support anyone or any party who doesn’t support us. I think Pataki is great for coming out in favor of the people of Vieques and advocating the departure of the U.S. Navy. If there is a political agenda, and there always is, to win Latino votes. Pataki definitely gets mine. He is really the first Republican to openly take a position against the Navy. For that matter, he is really the first high profile non-Puerto Rican leader in public office to take a position against the Navy, regardless of party affiliation.

  2. well… alienation and disaffection
    Alienation and disaffection are the result of feeling and being invisible. One can therefore, expect defections–for want of a better word–to the Republican Party, or more specifically to Pataki. I believe it would be understandable, however, I ask you to consider how unlikely or unproductive it is to be a single issue voter. It is as limited as a single issue candidate. There have been times when this has occurred but I wonder how useful it really is.

    I think, and this has come up before in these discussions, that there are intrinsic problems with the two-party system. It is a major stabilizing structure but can also be a stagnating one.

    I just don’t believe in single issue candidates, leaders or voters

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