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People in a community do not embrace gentrification…

Friday, August 25th, 2006

they embrace bettter services, clean streets, good schools, drug free parks and playgrounds, etc. And everyone is entitled to that, not only those who are coming into a community and displacing those who already live there. That is the case in West Harlem, Central Harlem and East Harlem. Whoever posted the question GENTRIFICATION: GOOD OR EVIL? is basically propagandizing for the forces at work that are displacing good, hardworking, decent people, their children and the elderly. Without giving much thought to his or her views, he or she displays simple biases that equate good city services and schools, etc. with gentrification. Displacing a population by stimulating certain types of economic development is a choice or a decision based on policies that favor one economic class over another. Good government and social policies generate a civil society in which everyone can share in the common weal of the nation, city, and community. Poor policies generate fear, class hatred, displacement and exclusionary practices. Singling out for attack the bright, fine councilwoman is useless. The community of East Harlem knows quite well that she is judicious and fair– with an interest in enlightened policies to guide the development of the community she represents. That is why Melissa Mark Viverito is being maligned by our pro-gentrifier who clearly is not interested in maintaining the integrity and soul of either Black or Spanish Harlem.  Both Melissa Mark Viverito and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer bring thoughfulness and humanity to their administrations, and an earnest search for more balanced and fair ways of developing communities.