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The Family Celebrates 37 years

A Coming together of The Family June 29, 2009

Come celebrate The Family’s 37 year anniversary of  Four  play readings!!!!
Executive Producer Ana Reynoso
Executive Artistic Director of the Family
Juan Shamsul Alam
presents  ….


Written by
Juan Shamsul Alam
Written by
Juan Shamsul Alam Directed by Juan Shamsul Alam, Tech. Chiko Mendez
Asst. Director Stephen J. Rivera


Boston Road
Written by
Tee Saralegui,
directed by Lori Payne

Twilight Diner
Written and directed by
Rick Reid

Written and directed  by
Juan Shamsul Alam


With: Angel Caban,Ana Reynoso,Paula Raflo,Julie Gomez,
Francine Mancini, Elle DeAmor,Cassandra  Espitia,  Marlene Villafane, Fremin D Merreo,Dylan Jackson,Antonio Tomahawk Tatiana Dellepiane
Special Guest Poet Ringo Fernandez
Monday June 29  2009
7 pm
At The Roy Arias Theatre
300 West 43rd Street NYC
Any Train to Times Square 42nd Street