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The American Taxpayer and The Colony Of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a Colony of the United States since 1898. We are American citizens since 1917. We cannot vote for the President of the U.S. Puerto Rico is bankrupt even though we receive 22 Billion dollars from hard working American Taxpayers every year. I believe in Statehood for Puerto Rico because I believe in equality as a citizen and taxwise. Puerto Ricans do not pay federal taxes. Our annual budget is 9.2 Billion dollars of which 5 Billions goes in paying government employees which number 260,000. The actual governor, Anibal Acevedo Vila favors the actual status (The Colony). About 90% of anything being built here is paid by federal funds. Streets are full of potholes, umemployment is about 18%, level of poverty is about 60%. I believe Congress should investigate why Puerto Rico is bankrupt even with 22 Billion dollars in aid. Where is all the money going?