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Torres cousins

Rosemary Toy

Born: New York City

Torres Cousins
Born:New York City.

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I must have been 17 years old and--the Beatles, didn´t they come to America around ´64 or something like that? Well, I must have gone crazy over these four guys because at some point, as president of the Wild Cats Club, I told everybody to dress up like the Beatles and I made up this thing that looked like a drum set and we all had some form of guitar--whether it was a toy or a real one--and I made up a microphone and everything and we took pictures as if we were the Beatles. And who are the people in there? Well, there´s myself of course. I´m Paul McCartney (far right) because he was my favorite. Mariano Jr. is John Lennon (second in from right). John Evangelista is George Harrison (far left) and Judith is Ringo Starr (second in from left) . This is taken in my house in Bryant Avenue [Bronx, New York].

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