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Asari Innes's Grandparents

Asari Innes
Born: Panama. Lives in New York City.

Anastacia Rodriguez and Francisco Santos, her great-grandparents
Born: Gurabo, Puerto Rico

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My mother just told me this story recently. She called her grandparents, my maternal great-grandparents "Mama Chacha y Papi Bachiche."

[Where are they from?]

They're from Gurabo, both of them, from the town. My mother, the way she tells it--He was waiting at a bus stop to catch a bus to Juncos to visit his mistress and he had with him a bag of groceries that he had bought for her. And apparently, my great-grandmother was walking through the town and somebody pointed him out to her and said "Look your husband is there getting ready to catch a bus to see his mistress. So she went up behind him as he took up the bag of groceries and said "Oh good, thank you for buying food for dinner. And she took the groceries home. And my mother tells me that as she was taking out the groceries from the bag, she was in tears seeing at all the good food he had bought for his mistress and not for his own family. And then she said that when her great-grandfather finally came home, he sat down at the table and just laughed at how smart his wife was to get the groceries and cook up all the food for their children.

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