The Puerto Rican Economic Crisis: A radio interview with Nelson Denis by Howard Jordan

This is an excellent interview with Nelson Denis about the economic crisis in Puerto Rico. He has emerged as a strong and informed voice about the present situation on our beloved island, offering a new vision that our “leadership” aqui y alla should heed. If not, the people will make them listen. Well done Nelson. Looking forward to the next meeting. Howard Jordan, thank you for giving Nelson the microphone!
I love Nelson’s use of Freddy Krueger who killed while his victims slept. It is an apt metaphor for the current situation Puerto Ricans find themselves in. The Krueger Report, according to Nelson, will eviscerate the island by proposing to privatize even more revenue-generating areas of the economy and shutting down schools. Thus, tearing away the commonwealth veil and revealing the naked truth of colonialism through increasingly intolerable austerity. !Despierta Boricua!

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