CRISIS IN PUERTO RICO – Rosario Rivera Negrón, Senior Economist

Rosario Rivera is an economics professor at the University of Puerto Rico and a senior economist with more than 10 years of experience on economic analysis and research for the firm Soto Santoni and Associates. With expertise in the areas of economic research, analysis, econometrics, economic development and international trade, Mrs. Rivera has worked in various professional sectors such as government, construction industry, the banking industry and international business consulting. Also has served as advisor on economic development, tourism, and strategic planning for the City of Caguas (Puerto Rico) and as consultant on fiscal policy and budget for the Budget Comission of the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico.

She is the co-author of the book “Puerto Rico 2000-2010: Mas Alla del Censo” (Puerto Rico 2000-2010: Beyond the 2010 US Census), recently published. She has been part of numerous associations such as the Association of Economists of Puerto Rico, American Economic Association, Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association, among others.

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