3 Films by film maker Juan Shamsul Alam

“Once upon a time en el barrio” about the Nationalist Party….”The Sunshines on the other side of the street” starring Tito Puente Jr and Santo Alam the story of gentrification leaving 3 generation homeless… And “Happy House” about teen boys living in a youth house a comedy …The films were directed / written by Juan Shamsul Alam and Emilio Rosa and produced by Taino Rosa Films… Distribution by Amazon.com La Familia applaud
Amazon.com…..Alam’s Play “Short Ice” which made it’s debut in the Bronx at 52 People for Progress Park, will
be filming in June 2010.. Starring Ana Reynoso, Vena Hampton,….The story of women being abused on Rikers Island…..based on a true story 1993….

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