7 thoughts on “Is the U.S. federal court right to impose the death penalty in Puerto Rico, violating Puerto Rico’s rejection of capital punishment?

  1. capital punishment
    The US should not impose anything else on PR and/or the Puertorican much less the capital punishment. The cp violates the most precious human right and is definetely against Puertorican moral values.

  2. RE: Capital punishment — absolutely yes
    Now, why would you make such a misinformed comment? You do not provide any support for it because it is simply based on bias and not on any objective analysis of the facts which would compel one to answer in the affirmative. The fact that the U.S. courts can override an act of the Puerto Rican legislature is clearly indicative of that body’s subordination to the will of the American judiciary. At best, you would have to argue that as Americans, Puerto Ricans, must comply with federal law

  3. Not right
    If the citizens of Puerto Rico do not wish to allow the death penalty on the island, that is their decision and the U.S. government should respect it. I understand that Puerto Rico is under U.S. rule but the U.S. government must realize that there are differences between American society and values and Puerto Rican society and values. The citizens of Puerto Rico are overall conservative people and this policy completely disregards that.

    The death penalty issue is a controversial one that must be discussed before that policy is allowed on the island.

  4. Political Power
    Is the federal court right to impose the death penalty or anything else in P.R.? Of course not. The reality is that if we were independent *or* a state, we wouldn’t get pushed around and imposed upon in the manner we have been. Along with dignity, we’d have a greater say in what happens on La Isla.

  5. I think the death penalty is wrong and should be abolished from the United States as well as Puerto Rico! I think Puerto Rico has the right idea to protect it’s people against such crap!

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