6 thoughts on “50th Anniversary of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: Thinking back to THEN and NOW.

  1. Then and now
    It worked back THEN, but it’s not working NOW. Change needs to come, but sadly, the crack-head governor doesn’t really care. She foesn’t want free association, independence, or statehood. She created a committee to solve the status problem, but if she doesn’t want anything BUT Commonwealth, then why waste millions on something that will probably vote in her favor anyway. Sad!

  2. Then and now?
    Then, meaning 1949? Now, meaning 2002? Big difference. The most profound change the island could have under gone — Operation Bootstrap.

    Its impact? Nearly half the population migrates voluntarily or by force of circumstance to New York which becomes, as Hector Lavoe said, el mas grande pueblo de Puerto Rico.

    Over the next three decades Puerto Rico is transformed from a rural to an urban society with all the social ills that accompany modernity and others that reflect the rapid, uncushioned change.

    For better or worse, and I believe for better, Puerto Rico “developed.” The question now becomes, how shall it resolves its urban problems?

  3. RE: Then and now?
    When you talk about “develpoment”you must define the concept.Are you refering to material development or to a more wholistic view? PR’s material development, unfortunately, is the direct result of the exploitation of its people.

  4. choose your kind of exploitation
    choose your kind of exploitation. subsistence farming, no education, no medical care, no modern infrastructure — that’s what existed before operation bootstrap. who would argue for that?

  5. RE: choose your kind of exploitation
    Why do I have to pay a price for something that is happening at this moment. Operation bootstrap has done nothing but recreate this same PR scene. Where are the advances. How much more do have to pay for the exploitation? Should we just thank God the Americans exist while our resources are being exploited and our human rights violated. I think not. (By the way I’m an Army Brat and I was always taught to protect my culture and love what was mine and work for a better PR) That’s the best thing that Operation Bootstrap has taught me.

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