6 thoughts on “Latinos in the U.S. or Latin America?

  1. Latinos in the U.S. or Latin America?
    The digital divide exists here in the U.S. and worldwide. But its impact is felt more greatly in the U.S. since a substantial part of the population is online. All things being relative, Latinos in the U.S. are more negatively impacted by not having access to the latest technologies because a large part of the population here does or can if they want to.

    In Latin America, but for the exception of two or three countries, people aren’t even wired for telephones let alone the internet.

  2. Kudos to Judy
    Judy Escalona,
    As always you are a woman of your word. The topic on Latinos & Globalization was posted in less than 3 hours after the discussion at Hunter. You promissed and Bam! it was done I look forward th the lively discussion.

  3. RE: Latinos in the U.S. or Latin America?
    Latinos will become a low wage alternative labor force, as US companies will continue to ship their factories out of this country–wages are much lower, health benefits/pensions are nonexistent and labor laws can be flouted with impunity. In 2005, a new free trade zone is projected to exist: one covering all of Latin America (Free Trade Zone of the Americas). Wages in this country will be pushed downwards. Welcome to the 21st century!

  4. The internet opens up more possibilities
    The internet opens up new possibilities for Puerto Rico. Although, I am not and never was a supporter of Rosello, I do believe that his administration’s attempt to create a silicon corridor on the island was a sound one. I don’t know how he was developing it–with American companies or Puerto Rican ones–but it was a very good idea. Puerto Rican new media and new technology companies should be encouraged to develop and we should be developing strong new media curriculums in our universities on the island. Getting all those American software companies and computer companies to kick in some big bucks into our universities so we can get our new media captains of industry, entrepreneurs, managers, programmers, technologists, designers going. Those companies should also be made to partner with a Puerto Rican company in such a way that we keep profits here in our own country and eventually can phase the American company out and just have the Puerto Rican company running the enterprise. They have to make concessions if they want to sell to us. I believe Puerto Rico can be really big in this area. We just need to have the vision and leadership and resources to push forcefully in this direction. Do it Puerto Rico!

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