1. It’s really a referendum on the Navy
    This coming March, the people of Vieques — and only Vieques — will vote to either keep the Navy and its cancer-causing, shell shock producing battle practices going or to kick the Navy out and end its noxious practices. This is not a Vieques Referdendum but a Navy Referendum. They sponsored it and it is really gaging what they are and what they have been on that island.

    Governor Calderon has tried to have the U.S. withdraw the referendum since: The government is opposed to having the Navy in one of its islands and the Puerto Rican people as a whole have already expressed their will in the November elections in electing candidates that advocate the end of the U.S. naval presence.

    The Bush Administration and the Clinton Administration’s blatant disregard of the political will of the people and its governing bodies once again exemplifies Puerto Rico’s powerlessness to govern its own house.

    The referendum too is also an insult to us since it comes on the month that commemorates the Ponce Massacre. Once more, there is an egregious ignorance and blatant insensitivity to our history. But what should we expect? The Americans must fulfill themselves — not us. And those Puerto Ricans who support the Americans ultimately desire to wipe our history off the face of the earth by having us absorbed by American history.

  2. irritated

    why don’t you make a comment rather than posting this self-serving ad in each topic under discussion?

  3. Vieques, Puerto Rico
    In a country that was militarily invaded, there is nothing to negotiate under such colonial circumstances – U.S. Navy out of Vieques! U.S. imperialism out of Puerto Rico!

  4. A mockery of democracy
    How long will the U.S. carry on its semblance of democracy abroad? Puerto Rico’s governor can not govern. Her legislature can not legislate. How long will the semblance of democracy continue. This reminds me of elementary school class elections where the teacher would set up all the parameters and then allowed us to elect a leader. Even the Japanese allowed their slave labor force to elect its own leaders in Southeast Asia. Are we to believe this was democracy in action?

    An election does not a democracy make.

  5. people here don’t really know what’s going on
    it looks like people basically don’t have an opinion about this although they do about ricky martin or j-lo because the press here doesn’t really cover the issue and PR’s here don’t speak or read spanish well enough to read about it in el diario.

  6. new topic
    the american press blackout on Puerto Rican issues. i’d like to see people rage against the machine!

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