The Comite Noviembre, celebrating our 20th Anniversity in promoting our Puerto Rican heritage, is announcing the availability of the following scholarship awards:


Comite Noviembre Scholarship Program

Award: $1,000 each to up to 20 high school students attending college or college students

Deadline: April 15

Notification: June 15


New! Richie Perez Scholarship Award

The award will recognize a Puerto Rican young person for their commitment, activism and achievements in any if the areas of human rights and social justice that Richie held so dear. This annual award will both promote the advancement of new leaders in the movement for peace and justice, and also invest in their continued growth by providing support for their ongoing education and political development.

Award: $1,000 to one college student

Deadline: May 10

Notification: June 12


Any questions? Contact Jaime Bello at 917-299-4191 or


  1. im a Puerto rican youth living in north carolina, Im a junior at west Mecklenburg High School and I would like a scholarship, I really want to attend college, I just need a helping hand to help me get thier, I would be the first to go in mi familia, I want to set an example to mis hermanos to go as well my email is
    gracias, for taking the time to evaluate my comment.

  2. I am an aspiring Puertorriquena seeking an opportunity to be known and heard to make a difference for my fellow Puerto Ricans. I was raised in Brookly, NY by only my mother and I thank her for helping me get this far. Now all I want is to make her and my family happy and to be one of the few in my family to attend college and finish.I have seen finances put a stop to the fullfillment of the dreams of those in my family. I want to show them what I can accomplish and how one person can truly make a difference. I want the voice of Puerto Ricans to be heard once and for all. I was very inspired when I atteded the Congressional Hispanic Caucas Instiute for two years in a row, I saw all these latinos trying to make a difference so that i can have an opportunity i just want to return the favor and take all that i learned and go out and make difference. Like i have metioned i only have one parent so therefore financily it may be difficult for me but when it come to having a good mind set and a good heart iam truly ready. So please allow me the chance so that I Christina Flores can make diffrerence and fullfill her dream. Thank you for your time and consideration. I may be contacted at
    Yours Truly,
    Christina Flores

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