by Miguel Angel (El Men) Alvarez
(Spanish), Color, 35mm, approximately 80 minutes, 1977
<div align="center">This page requires a web browser that can display objects. We recommend <i>Netscape Navigator</i>. A curiously homophobic urban melodrama in which the good guy wins in the end, but the attraction to the bad guy lingers even after the film fades to black. Natas, a corrupt New York City police officer, obsessively pursues the destruction of Victor Ramos, a successful furniture store owner in El Barrio. The film takes us through an underside of New York during the seventies, giving an insider's view of sex clubs and drug spots as Natas makes the rounds, collecting bribes. This is in sharp contrast to the world of his nemesis whose night on the town is a romantic portrait of the Big Apple with paella-serving restaurants and breezy late night ferryboat rides. Natas will stop at nothing to get his man. In a delightfully kitschy and surreal sequence, he sets up Victor to be killed in Central Park by three male transvestites. Some nudity.
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