Directed by Jane Morrison / Written by José Manuel Torres Santiago
(Spanish, English subtitles), Color, 90 min, 1982
<div align="center">This page requires a web browser that can display objects. We recommend <i>Netscape Navigator</i>. Angelita, a nine year-old girl from Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, and her mother journey to New York City, full of high expectations, to join her father who has been struggling to set up a decent home for them in the Bronx. The world of Guayanilla where unemployment is rampant, poverty is the rule but a strong support system of family and friends keeps spirits high is compared with the world of New York City, a bleak concrete mix of overcrowded tenements, joblessness and crime that slowly grinds the spirit down. A portrait of two realities, if not worlds, that exposes the colonial condition of Puerto Rico and how it gets played out in a very personal way.

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