Directed and Written by Frances Negron-Montaner
(English and Spanish), Color, 16mm, 55 min, 1994
<div align="center">This page requires a web browser that can display objects. We recommend <i>Netscape Navigator</i>. Claudia, a photographer, goes on an identity quest exploring what it means to be Puerto Rican, gay and an artist. An experimental narrative, Brincando El Charco intertwines fictional narrative, documentary footage and interviews. It is one of the most ambitious attempts to examine Puerto Rican identity in relation to colonialism, racism and sexism. More than reaching any definite conclusion, Negron creates a mulitfaceted, multicultural context in which to ground Claudia's identity. The film opens with Claudia feeling reluctant about going back to Puerto Rico to attend her father's funeral. The last time she saw her dad was when he kicked her out of the house for associating with those "evil women." It ends with Claudia at the airport, boarding a plane for San Juan.

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